Yogesh Chauhan, Director of ESG at HubSpot

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Yogesh Chauhan

Yogesh Chauhan is director of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) at HubSpot. His brief is to develop a new and impactful ESG strategy covering all HubSpot’s operations. He oversees a range of environmental, community engagement, reporting, innovation and thought leadership initiatives designed to embed sustainability and responsible business across the company. Prior to HubSpot, Yogesh Chauhan was director of corporate sustainability at Tata Consultancy Services for nine years. He was also the BBC’s chief adviser on corporate responsibility and environment and worked for the corporation for 12 years.

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Director of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) at HubSpot is Yogesh Chauhan. His task is to create an innovative and effective ESG strategy that addresses every aspect of HubSpot’s business. He is in charge of several initiatives that the corporation undertakes in the areas of the environment, community participation, reporting, innovation, and thought leadership. Yogesh Chauhan spent nine years as the director of corporate sustainability at Tata Consultancy Services before to joining HubSpot. In addition, he served as the BBC’s top environmental and corporate responsibility advisor for 12 years.


  • Difficulties in the SAAS upstream and downstream supply chains for lowering emissions
  • Obtaining leadership support for SBTi or sustainability objectives
  • Getting employees involved in the sustainability plan
  • Suggestions and advice for sustainability professionals