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What Features Should I Look for in Carbon Accounting Software?

Automated data collection, customizable reporting, tracking of emissions, investor grade accuracy, scenario analysis, audit reports for 3rd party verification, and compatibility with sustainability standards like the GHG Protocol or ISO 14064 are characteristics to look for in carbon accounting software.

What are the Benefits of Using a Carbon Accounting Software?

Improved data accuracy, decentralizing the data collection and management process, automating emission calculations, dashboards to easily view charts and graphs of emissions, higher efficiency in completing inventories, improved GHG emission reporting capabilities, easy auditability and clear traceability of source data and calculations, decarbonization road mapping, and increased awareness of carbon emissions and environmental implications are all benefits resulting from utilizing carbon accounting software.

What is Carbon Accounting and Management Software?

Carbon Accounting and Management Software allows organizations to easily calculate, track, report and reduce their carbon emissions and other environmental effects related to their company activities. In the past, companies had to hire expensive consultants to manage all of this, but carbon accounting and management software now allows businesses to manage these issues internally at a much lower cost.