This blog provides insights into the process of carbon accounting and management, explaining how companies can measure, report and reduce their carbon emissions to minimize their impact on the environment and meet their sustainability goals.

Complete Guide to Achieving Net-Zero Targets: Strategies for a Sustainable Future


In the face of mounting concerns over global warming and climate change, many organizations are recognizing the urgent need to take action. One approach gaining traction is the adoption of net-zero targets. But what exactly are net-zero targets and why are they so important? In this article, we will delve into the science and practicality […]

GHG Emission Factors: Pioneering Better Carbon Accounting Practices


GHG Emission Factors: Pioneering Better Carbon Accounting Practices Understanding the ways to sustainable growth starts with knowing the metrics that matter. GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Emission Factors are the foundation of a new economic paradigm centered on carbon accountability. These units allow us to measure the environmental impact (release of GHG emissions) of various activities by […]

Conducting Your First GHG Emissions Inventory


Conducting a Greenhouse Gas emissions inventory is vital for understanding and addressing an organization’s carbon footprint, including emissions from operations, upstream supply chain and a company’s entire value chain. This detailed guide by North Star Carbon Management outlines the process and key considerations. What is a GHG Emissions Inventory? A GHG Inventory is a comprehensive […]

The Basics of Scope 3 Emissions


Introduction The call for climate action and  sustainability performance is louder than ever. As corporations worldwide wrestle with their environmental responsibilities, it’s the complex network of indirect emissions—Scope 3—that looms large. This emissions inventory is fraught with complexity and ambiguity on where and how to quantify and address downstream emissions. When it comes to greenhouse […]

Welcome to North Star Carbon Management: Your Compass to Net Zero


The Growing Importance of Carbon Management As per a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) failing to limit global warming could result in costs of up to $54 trillion for the world economy. This alarming number calls for the urgent necessity for action. In a time defined by the impact of climate […]

What is Emissions Management Software and why is it needed?


Climate change is real, and it’s urgent. We’re seeing more and more wildfires, melting ice, and extreme weather. To protect our planet, we need to act now. As per National Interagency Fire Center, in 2023 alone 72 large wildfires have burned 468,876 acres in 14 states. This stark data underscores the escalating environmental crisis we […]

Introduction to Carbon Accounting


What is Carbon Accounting? Carbon accounting is a critical process that helps organizations measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions. It involves the systematic tracking and reporting of carbon emissions across an organization and its value chain from various sources, including energy consumption, transportation, employee commuting, solid waste, refrigerants, building energy use and many others. […]