This blog provides insights into the process of carbon accounting and management, explaining how companies can measure, report and reduce their carbon emissions to minimize their impact on the environment and meet their sustainability goals.

Complete Guide to Achieving Net-Zero Targets


In the face of mounting concerns over global warming and climate change, many organizations are recognizing the urgent need to take action. One approach gaining traction is the adoption of net-zero targets. But what exactly are net-zero targets and why are they so important? In this article, we will delve into the science and practicality […]

GHG Emission Factors: Pioneering Better Carbon Accounting Practices


Contents1 2 GHG Emission Factors: Pioneering Better Carbon Accounting Practices2.1 What are GHG Emission Factors?2.1.1 How to Use GHG Emission Factors in GHG Inventories2.1.2 Calculating Source Data and Emission Factors to Get Total CO2e2.2 Why Emission Factors Matter in Carbon Accounting2.3 Types of Emission Factors2.4 Trusted Sources2.5 Geographical Specificity and How the Software Accounts for […]

Conducting Your First GHG Emissions Inventory


Conducting a Greenhouse Gas emissions inventory is vital for understanding and addressing an organization’s carbon footprint, including emissions from operations, upstream supply chain and a company’s entire value chain. This detailed guide by North Star Carbon Management outlines the process and key considerations. Contents1 What is a GHG Emissions Inventory?2 3 4 Significance of GHG […]

The Basics of Scope 3 Emissions


Contents1 2 Introduction3 What Are Scope 3 Emissions?4 Sources of Scope 3 Emissions: A Breakdown5 Why Scope 3 Emission Assessment Matters for Businesses6 Best Practices for Accurately Quantifying Scope 3 Emissions6.1 Engaging Stakeholders6.2 Using Quality Data6.3 Following Accepted Methodology6.4 Prioritize Largest Emission Sources7 Understanding Lifecycle Impacts in Scope 3 Emissions8 Calculating Your Carbon Footprint with […]

Welcome to North Star Carbon Management: Your Compass to Net Zero


Contents1 The Growing Importance of Carbon Management2 What is Net Zero?3 The Role of Tools in Achieving Net Zero4 Introducing North Star Carbon Management5 What is North Star Carbon Management?5.1 Core Features of the Tool5.2 What Makes It Unique in the Market5.3 User Experience and Interface Highlights6 The Journey to Net Zero6.1 The Steps Involved […]

What is Emissions Management Software and why is it needed?


Climate change is real, and it’s urgent. We’re seeing more and more wildfires, melting ice, and extreme weather. To protect our planet, we need to act now. As per National Interagency Fire Center, in 2023 alone 72 large wildfires have burned 468,876 acres in 14 states. This stark data underscores the escalating environmental crisis we […]

Introduction to Carbon Accounting


Contents1 2 What is Carbon Accounting?3 Understanding the Carbon Accounting Framework4 The GHG emissions are mainly divided into three scopes as follows:5 What are Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions?5.1 Scope One – Direct emissions5.2 Scope Two – Indirect energy emissions5.3 Scope Three – All other indirect emissions6 ESTABLISH ORGANIZATIONAL BOUNDARIES6.1 Methods to set organizational […]